Value Max Inc

Value Max Inc, a unique company that specializes in all aspects of real estate from Brokerage, development, engineering, building, and long term investment.

We are unique because we ensure maximizing your return on (time, money, and effort) investment with our combine knowledge of brokerage services, building experience and engineering skills.  Typical Brokers and sales agents seldom have building experience and rarely possess engineering skills while a builder don’t understand customers ultimate needs or return perspective.

We have perfected our value added process of property acquisition and development so well that many builders and real estate professionals like to copy our design, services and style.  We respect everyone equally and consider the lerners and acquirers as our valued clients.  We believe in continuous improvement and keep on beating our own records so we don’t mind if others learn from our experience.  Matter of fact we will soon be launching an educational platform to teach buyers, builders, entrepreneurs and investors to be real estate gurus.

Our attention to details and focus to Home designs, structure, floor plan, lighting, kitchen, baths, tiles, wood work, window style, vastu direction and color coordination, HVAC ducting, plumbing placement, electrical safety, energy conservation coupled with cost make us a unique company that maximize your value, effort, and longgavity.

We are – Value Max Inc- because we maximize your value with our combine set of engineering, development and brokerage skills.



We specializes in all aspects of real estate from Brokerage, development, engineering, building, and long term investment that help us maximize your value.


Our design offer open concept, Vastu compliance, plenty lighting, multi purpose functionality especially for visiting guests/in-laws and welcoming environment


We strive to satisfy our customers with simply the best service before, during and years after the deal is closed.


From day one we are committed to conserve energy and deliver energy efficient homes that have very low cost to operate both to save money and environment


We have global network of suppliers for our custom windows, fixtures, Tiles and many other materials which make our properties uniquely different from its durability and functional point of view